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Copyright Troll's Assets Targeted for Seizure reports on Wayne Hoehn’s effort to fulfill his judgment of $34,045.50 against Las Vegas copyright enforcer Righthaven LLC, which originally sued Hoehn for copyright infringement.  Represented by Randazza legal Group, Hoehn moved the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada to issue a writ of execution securing Righthaven’s assets to be seized by U.S. Marshals in satisfaction of his judgment. Wired quotes Randazza in explaining the reason for Hoehn’s motion:

[T]he company has made “no effort whatsoever” to pay up.

Wayne Hoehn was a defendant in one of Righthaven’s 275 lawsuits, which was dismissed when the District of Nevada found his use of a full Las Vegas Review-Journal article was a non-infringing fair use of the article. Read more…

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