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D'Avella Brothers Rock On

In a previous entry, A&P’s Corporate Crybaby Lawsuit, I discussed the D’Avella brothers’ music video that got them sued by A&P.

It appears that the D’Avellas are still producing videos. (source). However, the attack brought by A&P has had its intended effect:

But before their next parody hits the Internet, their lawyers will have the first look.

“Now we have to second-guess everything we do because we’re afraid,” said Mark D’Avella, who, along with his younger brother, Matt, was sued in August by the parent company of A&P supermarkets. “We kind of want the lawsuit to go away so we don’t want to have to go through that channel.”

Richard P. De Santa, A&P’s senior director of corporate affairs, said settlement negotiations continue. Though the D’Avella’s pro bono lawyer, Patrick Farmer, declined to discuss the case, the brothers said they hope to avoid trial and to soon reach an agreement.

“We don’t want to be in debt for the rest of our lives, so we kind of made the decision that maybe we should try to get this thing settled,” Matt D’Avella said.

The D’Avella Brothers are officially hereby named as First Amendment Bad Asses. I wish that their website, had a fundraising option. I’d certainly donate to their legal defense if they decided that they were going to stand and fight. I respect them for seeking settlement – discretion is the better part of valor. Also, I’m sure that the lawyers on A&P’s side have their egos firmly dug into this bullshit case, so reasonable settlement will be difficult.

Where the hell is EFF? How about the parade of law professors that fell over themselves to back the AutoAdmit plaintiffs? ACLU? Anyone?

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