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Do I Look Fat in This?

Ugh, “do I look fat in this?” Those are words that no man wants to hear. I always answer “yes, you look awful, go cover yourself with a burkha.” Not that I ever actually think that, but I figure that if I am going to get asked an unanswerable question, I will answer with an unspeakable reply.

Well, the ol’ “do I look fat in this” took a turn this morning.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.— Several female college students who stole about 1,000 copies of the student newspaper because they thought they looked fat in a front page picture face possible disciplinary action, a school official says.

The color photo in the April 27 edition of The Gatepost newspaper at Framingham State College shows seven female students at a women’s lacrosse game wearing tank tops and shorts with the name of a player spelled out on their bare bellies.

Soon after the paper was distributed around campus, about half its 2,000-copy press run disappeared.

Desmond McCarthy, an English professor and the paper’s faculty adviser, said he was told by other students that the women in the photo thought they looked fat.

Now do these girls look fat?


More importantly, who the hell told them that they look fat? For chrissakes, these girls are 18 years old.

I don’t think there should be a law, but there really should be a cultural rule against telling any girl under the age of 21 that she is fat, ugly, or whatever.

I often say, “the First Amendment protects your right to say that, but it doesn’t exempt you from an ass kicking.” I would really like to kick the ass of anyone who tells an 18 year old girl that she “looks fat in that.”

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