Everything you need to know about Herman Cain in 3 minutes

By J. DeVoy

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Music originally by Tim Heidecker, best known for playing himself in the semi-eponymous Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job (“TEASGJ”); video created by @thatslayerchick.

TEASGJ was one of the funniest shows on television during its brief reign.  It says a lot about how clueless mainstream culture is when a diamond like TEASGJ has to be broadcast late at night on the Cartoon Network despite being on a Kaufman-esque level of brilliance, all while an obviously unfunny shit heap like “Community” is allowed to writhe and suffer in its natural, talentless state for nearly three years until NBC puts it out of its misery.  I understand how most Americans would “get” and “identify with” Community, a show about a bunch of unremarkable, talentless and self-aborbed cretins doing nothing – life imitating art and all – but the cynicism of TEASGJ provided a more realistic and, dare I say, hopeful view of the world.

While Tim and Eric mocked and insulted its viewers and the world around them, they inspired hope for the future.  Those are the dreams that need to be on NBC at 8:30 pm with 8-figure budgets – not something that accurately depicts the drudgery of our real lives.

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