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Randazza Seeking Sanctions Against Righthaven Lawyer For Going Through Charade Yet Again

TechDirt offers two pieces of news about the Righthaven lawsuits, in which the Randazza Legal Group is representing several of the defendants. TechDirt provides the full transcript from one of the judges in a recent case and describes how Randazza Legal Group attorneys are pursuing sanctions against Righthaven attorneys in Nevada. In a brief, attorney J. Malcom DeVoy IV wrote:

When it came to being told eight times that he brought an unsupportable claim before the court, Mr. Mangano under a clear obligation to exercise some degree of client control; to refuse to bring the exact same arguments; or to dismiss a case with an inescapable outcome, such as this one, rather than to force a defendant to litigate the same exact issue a ninth time on grounds identical to the previous eight defeats.

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