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Fair and Balanced: Another perspective (on masturbation)

You know that confused “ourp?” sound that Scoob makes when something completely confuses the shit out of him?

I just read this on the appropriately named “Joyfully Perplexed” blog.

And, for the record, masturbation is a vile crimes against human sexuality. Yes, it does promote radical individualism. Yes, it does maintain the selfish “me-first and my pleasure” mentality. Yes, it buys into the “have it your way” culture. Masturbation defies sexuality because it enables sexual gratification outside of sexual complementarity of a man and women in a committed covenant of love, a.k.a. marriage; furthermore masturbation denies openness to the gift of children.

This is a truth that many refuse to receive. I am only sharing a truth, it really is your choice whether or not to accept…(source)


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