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Hysterical Erotophobes Freak Out Over Bikini Clad Baristas


Some people in Clearview, WA are losing their minds over a cafe whose servers wear bikinis at work.

“These girls are basically stripping for tips,” pastor and organizer Shahram Hadian told a crowd of about a 100 Tuesday night at the Clearview Foursquare Church.

Speakers one after the other recounted experiences with bikini espresso huts and questioned why police and politicians hadn’t done more. One organizer, Terri Stecher, read a long list of invited politicians and wondered why none, with the exception of representatives from the Snohomish County sheriff and County Councilman Mike Cooper’s office, had shown. (source)

Funny enough, it sounds like Hadian is getting his fill of jollies watching the show:

Hadian also said he is frustrated the sheriff’s office hasn’t done more. People working in a strip mall near the Murphy Corner’s stand complained to the sheriff’s office for a year about activity at a nearby bikini hut: baristas pulling their tops off, jiggling breasts, gyrating their rears and walking nearly nude across the parking lot.

“We sit here for an hour and we see them doing illegal things,” Hadian said Tuesday afternoon. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do some surveillance.” (source)

It is SO AWFUL that we watch for hours and see them shaking their asses!

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