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"The Interview" Was Awesome

How could I have doubted a movie with this in it?
How could I have doubted a movie with this in it?

Yesterday, I wrote this:

I personally have not seen The Interview. I watched the trailer for it. That is two minutes and 28 seconds of my life that I want back. I sure as hell don’t want to waste my time watching this movie. Well, of course, I do predict that one day I’ll be wasted enough to watch it, and then I will wake up feeling a bit of shame. (source)

Today, stone cold sober, I said “fuck it” and watched the thing.

Holy fuckballs was I wrong.

It was awesome.

An early draft of the script from The Interview
An early draft of the script from The Interview
Let me define “awesome.” To me, a movie with stupid Seth Rogen and James Franco smoking dope, with gratuitous nudity, and some pretty fun violence scenes is awesome.

But it was awesome for another reason. God damn it if those two stoner bozos didn’t do a movie with all that goofy crap in it, which essentially delivers the message that a free and uncensored press is the cornerstone of democracy. The movie uses the term “honeydick,” as a verb to mean when you appeal to someone’s emotional nature to manipulate them.

This movie honeydicked me.

I watched it really because I just wanted some mindless entertainment, with funny weed scenes, and I was pretty sure that there would be some tits. I got all that. So that kept me watching. Tits, weed, shit-your-pants joke, repeat.

But, the plot of the movie (possible spoiler alert) is that these two idiots work for a TMZ-style “news” show. Seth Rogen is the producer, and gets shit on for not being a “serious” journalist. They then get an interview with Kim Jong Un, because he is a fan. The CIA asks the stoners to kill him, because the CIA believes that if Kim dies, there are enough North Koreans who want freedom that they’ll rise up and bring down the Hermit Kingdom’s evil regime.

One thing leads to another, and they keep screwing up the assassination attempts, of course. Then, James Franco’s character interviews Kim, on live TV, and after throwing softball questions at him, he hits him with some hard ones – exposing him for who he really is. Kim flips out, and at one point shits his pants — which exposes him as a liar to his people (since his government previously told them that Kim neither pees nor poops). This emboldens the North Koreans who have had enough, and the revolution begins.

And then, slid right there into the end, for those of us too fixated on the tits and the weed, they spell it right out.

“This was a revolution ignited with nothing more than a camera and some questions… questions that led a man once revered as a god among mortals… to cry and shit his pants.”

I dunno… maybe they weren’t trying to say something about freedom of the press. Maybe I just saw it there because when you tap into my psyche, with tits, weed, and shit-your-pants jokes, that’s the shit that fracks out of it.

In any event, the movie was about as stupid as you might think, but totally worth it if you like weed, tits, shit-your-pants jokes, or Freedom of the Press. So, pick one.

Or just watch it because tits.

I’m promoting it because it reinforces something I believe in — sunshine is the best cure for tyranny.

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