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Marc Randazza


Case Overview

Audrey Davis was a student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (“ERAU”) and a member of the ROTC program. Audrey was sexually assaulted by another student after she fell asleep one night at an off-campus party and reported the assault to both the police and to the ERAU’s Title IX office. The University took nearly half a year to investigate her claims and denied her requests to place her assailant in different sections of the classes she was taking. Rather than help Audrey, the University suggested that Audrey turn off her video during online classes in order to hide from her assailant and threatened that if Audrey was “caught” talking about the assault at all, she could get in “big trouble” and that her status as a student would be in jeopardy.

Frustrated with the lack of action by ERAU, Audrey authored a petition asking the University’s Dean of Students, Rhondie Voorhees, to resign. Rather than address her concerns, Dean Voorhees sued Audrey for defamation and sought a default against Audrey while she was deployed to Army training over the summer. Randazza Legal Group represents Audrey Voorhees in bringing claims against Voorhees and ERAU for violations of Title IX and the Servicemember Civil Relief Act and in defending against Dean Voorhees’s counterclaim for defamation.

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