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Lyndon Perry

Lyndon Perry, also known as I,HYPOCRITE, was sued for copyright infringement by MCM Group 22. The lawsuit was over a tweet that Perry posted that included a still frame image from a movie created by the website, The founder of the website was found guilty of criminal charges and part of the restitution order was to transfer the copyright of the videos to the models.

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Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady sued for breach of contract and trademark infringement arising out of Frank’s breach of a licensing agreement pursuant to which Gullivers licensed its FOXY LADY trademark to Franks for Franks use in its business, in exchange for weekly payments.

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DOE v. Fitzgerald

Defendant Daniel S. Fitzgerald, a.k.a. “Hollywood Homes,” is a sex trafficker who engaged in intimidation and harassment to conceal his actions and silence victims and witnesses. Fitzgerald, a co-conspirator in Peter Nygard’s sex trafficking enterprise, also had his own venture, victimizing the plaintiffs in this case.

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Steve Dimopoulos, LLC d/b/a Dimopoulos Law Firm has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against NFL Properties LLC and Raiders Football Club, LLC seeking relief that the plaintiff did not infringe the defendants’ trademarks and trade dress. The case has been filed under 28 U.S.C. §§ 2201 and 2202 in Nevada.

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In this case, Worcester DAs Office prosecuted DePina for violating G.L. c. 26, § 13B based on DePina heckling Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins during a televised press conference.  The charge alleged that DePina’s heckling incorporated reference to the three criminal cases pending against him that the Suffolk County DA’s Office was prosecuting.  The entire incident was on video.

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Audrey Davis was a student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (“ERAU”) and a member of the ROTC program. Audrey was sexually assaulted by another student after she fell asleep one night at an off-campus party and reported the assault to both the police and to the ERAU’s Title IX office. The University took nearly half a year to investigate her claims and denied her requests to place her assailant in different sections of the classes she was taking.

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Spencer Cornelia operates a YouTube channel where he, among other things, examines various kinds of online lifestyle and moneymaking “gurus” who charge often huge amounts of money for a nebulous product. In late 2020, Cornelia received requests to do a video on financial “guru” Derek Moneyberg (real name Dale Buczkowski), who also had a reputation as a dating coach for the company Real Social Dynamics.

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Church Militant

Church Militant is a non-profit media company and advocacy organization that supports reform within the Catholic Church. In 2021, it sought to lease the City of Baltimore’s event venue for a prayer rally in protest of the meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which would be taking place nearby.

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Berge v. Gloucester School Committee

Berge went to the school superintendent’s office to inquire about tickets to a school play.  He was neither rude nor vulgar and held his camera in plain view, announced he was recording, and announced that he was a “citizen journalist” doing a story on the issue.  (link to video)  Two of the three employees filmed did not wish to be filmed.  However, after a lengthy conversation with an official who appeared to have no objection to being filmed, Berge politely left. 

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