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Palin Email Hacked

Wired reports that Anonymous (the group that has been PWNING Scientology for years) hacked Sarah Palin’s personal email account and posted some messages online — messages that prove that she’s been using it to circumvent public records laws that apply to her official email address.

Some screen shots are here, at Wikileaks.

Naturally, the FBI is incensed and investigating. The intrusion was a violation of 18 U.S.C. s 1030, so they probably should. However, try calling them if your email gets hacked. Yeah, good luck with that one, bub.

Quick review: When the government wants to snoop on private citizens without a warrant, it is a matter of national security. When private citizens want to snoop on government officials to find out if they are lying and corrupt, it is also a matter of national security.

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