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Piracy = Terrorism (???)

One of my favorite Family Guy episodes is It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One.

Though clearly more intelligent than her opponent, Lois’ campaign falters as Mayor West proves more politically savvy than she is—while Lois bores voters with detailed plans to improve the city, Mayor West uses glittering generalities and statements completely unrelated to his questions. Realizing (through Brian) that it would be hopeless otherwise, Lois then resorts to similar generalities, dropping controversial terms such as “Jesus” and “terrorists” in meaningless ways. She also answers questions about her policy plans only by saying “9/11.” She eventually gains the support of the populace and wins the election. (source)

You would think that somebody would tell the White House that this tactic has jumped the shark.

Apparently, Michael Mukasey didn’t get the memo… or more likely in this administration, nobody wrote the memo.

Arts Technica reports:

Five sentences into a speech on Friday at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Attorney General Michael Mukasey was already waxing eloquent about how technology could help an “international terrorist looking to advance a murderous plot.” (source)

I have argued that Piracy might actually contribute to cultural enrichment. See Can you Digg It???. Nevertheless, I am willing to have my position challenged. I’m friendly to those who claim that piracy is wrong, evil, stealing, nasty, brutish, etc… And no two ways about it, piracy is illegal. I am 100% willing to lose the argument that piracy is a social good.

Nevertheless, all I can say to those who want to use the terrorism boogieman in this debate is summed up right here.

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