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"Police Brutality" = SPAM

While Marc dismantles “attorney David Blade III,” let’s take a moment to consider the plight of Oakland, CA Police Chief Howard Jordan.  Chief Jordan’s force has apparently seen better days.  A police abuse scandal led to a federal judge ordering him to reform his department and placing him under the supervision of federal court monitor Robert Warshaw.

Mr. Warshaw couldn’t figure out why Chief Jordan hadn’t been replying to emails regarding Occupy Oakland and took the issue to the court.  Chief Jordan told the court he’d never received the emails, pissing off the judge and revealing that the chief had set his spam filter to forward emails with various terms in them to his junk folder.

The terms that Chief Jordan considered “junk” include — “police brutality,” “stop the excessive police force,” “respect the press pass,” and (of course) “Occupy Oakland.”

Jordan has apologized for the incident and calls the whole thing a mistake.  We’ll see if the court accepts his apology when it decides in December whether to take the unprecedented step of placing the entire Oakland police force into the hands of a federal receiver.

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