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Snake hunting, anyone?

Joe Patrice, over at Above the Law, made me laugh out loud with this: “Florida, the national leader in providing reasons why America can’t have nice things…”

But then he goes on to talk about how Flori-duh is sponsoring a great Burmese Python hunt, in the Everglades, with machetes and guns! There are even PRIZES! A $1,500 prize to whoever kills the most, and $1,000 to whoever kills the longest one.

Sure, its not a lot of money. It wouldn’t even be worth sending my law clerk out there, at her billable rate. But sweet christ on a cracker, swinging machetes through a swamp on a mission to kill huge prehistoric sized snakes that could, theoretically, eat you?

That sounds like fun to me.

Personally, I think that we should just let “invasive” species run wild. I really do not see the problem here. At one time, every species on earth was “invasive.” Where the hell did we get the idea that we need to freeze every ecosystem in the state it was in at some fixed point in time?

But, if the powers that be say “go out in the swamp with machetes to hack the heads off 400 lb snakes,” then I just might take some vacation time!

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