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Sometimes violence is the answer – Epic Beard Man FTW!

How to become a world famous douchebag/punk.

Step One: Pick a fight with an old man
Step Two: After the old man walks away, continue to pick a fight with him
Step Three: Get smacked down like the punk ass you are
Step Four: Get eaten by the Internet Hate Machine


If you watch carefully, you can see that Epic Beard Man is wearing a shirt that says “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER.” In nature, poison frogs have evolved bright colors so that animals know not to eat them. Those that fail to heed the warning are naturally selected out of the gene pool.

Similarly, if you see an old man who seems like easy prey, and you fail to heed the markings that nature has placed on him, you just might wind up on the downside of evolution – just like a dumbass bird who eats a poison tree frog.

In other words, this douchebag thought he could bully an old man while his friends cheered him on. Then, in a wild twist of fate, the old man kicks his ass. Now Mr. “call the amber lamps” is famous for being the would-be-bully who got punk-slapped. Can you imagine any self-respecting human female wishing to mate with this specimen?

H/T: PepsiCan

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