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Vote for Photography Is Not a Crime

Photography is Not a Crime is one of the most compelling publications in the blogosphere. Its editor, Carlos Miller, was arrested for exercising his First Amendment right to photograph police officers in a public place. He turned that experience into a one-man crusade to push back against overreaching law enforcement. He is not a lawyer, but he successfully defended himself in an appeal of his case, and he continues to serve as a source of both information and inspiration.

Miller is currently running in 6th Place in the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel “Best of Blogs” awards. In a tribute to how goddamned stupid Flori-duh is, he’s running behind “The Daily Cute” and “Grrl Grrrl – Adventures of a Girl on the Grill.” Are you shitting me?

Please, take a few moments to register and vote for Photography is Not a Crime.

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