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The Troy King Gay Tryst Rumor (Yes, RUMOR)

Alabama A.G. Troy King joins a long line of Republicans who made a career out of railing against the evils of homosexuality. Now, the rumor mill is churning with reports of an alleged gay tryst between King and his male assistant.

No reputable source confirms this rumor at this time. Sorry, but GayWired citing Perez Hilton just doesn’t strike me as a credible way to source a story. The Pensito Review reports that King has been scrubbed from the John McCain campaign’s website, which seems like circumstantial evidence that something strange is going on. Nevertheless, the only real journalist who seems to have run this story is Wonkette, and even she is only citing to other blogs.

The Daily Dixie has the best reporting on this rumor (at least that I have found).

Over the last few weeks of this rumor being propogated, and the last week of this being all over the Internet, there hasn’t been a single shread of corroboration that anything has happened except that Troy King and his wife are on the outs.

So my conclusion is that Troy King shouldn’t resign over this petty crap, and those of us who are his vocal [and reasonable] opponents shouldn’t jump on this bandwagon of slander. Troy King is unfit for office and has a history of ethical lapses, immature actions, demagoguery, and politicization of his official duties. Do we really have to stoop low and become rumor spreaders? Do we need to go so low as to make unfounded accusations about his sexuality, especially those of us who cite his homophobia as one reason for our opposition?

In other words, right now, I’m filing this “Troy King is Gay” story alongside the expose about Richard Gere and a gerbil.

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