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USA Technologies gets bitch slapped by EFF

USA Technologies, based in Malvern, Pennsylvania ought to see its stock price drop a little more once the world gets wind of what kind of morons run the company. A couple of message board posters commented about the company’s plummeting stock prices and the over-compensated executives at the consistently unprofitable company. So, USA Technologies’ crack team sprang into action, fixing the problem.

Ha, just kidding. They did what every moron does, pretend the problem doesn’t exist, but sue the commenters for defamation. (Complaint – courtesy EFF). They then issued a subpoena to try and unmask the anonymous commenters, and SPLAT! Their dipshittery smacked head on with California code of civil procedure § 1987.2

The EFF describes this statute as follows:

California code of civil procedure § 1987.2 awards mandatory attorney’s fees to an anonymous speaker if a court grants his or her motion to quash an identity subpoena issued in support of an out-of-state suit and “if the underlying action arises from the moving party’s exercise of free speech rights on the Internet and the respondent has failed to make a prima facie showing of a cause of action.” Translation: out-of-state litigants who try to use the California legal system to unmask anonymous speakers citing dubious legal theories may have to pay their target’s attorney’s fees for their trouble. (source)

Right on EFF!

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