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We’ve slid down the slope — “they” are coming into your bedroom

LodgeNet Entertainment Corp. supplies pay-per-view movies to America’s hotels, and “Focus on the Family” (FOF) says, “In August, family advocates will ask the Department of Justice to investigate and bring charges against the company.

Phil Burress, president and executive director of Ohio’s Citizens for Community Values (CCV), claims that LodgeNet’s movies are ” prosecutable under the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Miller v. California.”

Lets unpack that for a second… First off, FOF issues a press release that says “in a few weeks, we are going to ask the DOJ for something.” Wow! Well, tomorrow, a little while after I have my morning coffee, I’m likely to have a bowel movement. However, said bowel movement won’t possibly be as foul smelling as the FOF censorship agenda.

LodgeNet provides pretty tame “porn.” To receive that content, you need to a) rent a room — which makes it YOUR bedroom (at least for as long as you rent it); b) order the movie; c) watch the movie. A consenting adult, in the privacy of their own bedroom, should not be allowed to watch an erotic movie, if that is what they so choose.

Phil Burress and the rest of his superstition-minded censorship chimps think that they should have a say in what you and I choose to watch in the privacy of our own hotel rooms. There is only one stop left on the slippery slope.

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