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What is the TSA's Job, Really? (Applause for John Tyner)

Back in February, I wrote that it was time for a social revolt against the TSA. The idea was that everyone should treat TSA agents like shit. I haven’t met any outside an airport — probably because I don’t frequent places where uneducated ‘tards hang out. Accordingly, I wasn’t able to employ my own strategy.

I’d like to renew the call. We’ve employed an army of low grade fucking retards to pantomime security theater — and if you think it was absurd before, we’ve really turned the corner into idiocracy now.

Here in San Diego, an American citizen by the name of John Tyner arrived at Lindbergh Field (San Diego’s main airport) and was faced with a choice — either go through the “virtual strip search machine” or get an “enhanced pat down.”

I was trying to get into the metal detector line because I just didn’t even want to deal with the backscatter machines at all,” said Tyner, referring to the body scanning machines installed at Lindbergh Field earlier this year.

Tyner said that is too much personal privacy to give away just to get on an airplane.

“I don’t think that needs to be a condition for people to fly,” he said. “I mean, giving up that level of privacy is not something I’m prepared to do.” (source)

Tyner refused to be subjected to the backscatter machine. Therefore, the TSA agent informed him that he would need to be “patted down.”

I’ve seen the “enhanced pat down” procedure. I’ve also, in the past, been made a guest of the State on a couple of occasions. The “enhanced pat down” is more intrusive than the search I had to endure when I was placed in a jail cell.

Think about that.

Mr. Tyner did, and he refused to be subjected to that degree of indignity.

“I turned to him, I looked him in the eye and I said, ‘If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested,'” he said. “[Then] the supervisor came over… [and] explained the whole process again and I told her, ‘You know, I’m not really comfortable with this. It seems to me it amounts to a sexual assault and I don’t think that should be a condition for getting on the plane.'”

Tyner said more TSA agents arrived and encircled him. After some discussion with the agents, Tyner said an agent told him he would be escorted out of the airport.

As he was about to leave, Tyner said another person who was described as a senior TSA supervisor had some unwelcome news.

“Because I had started the screening process and refused to finish, I was in violation of federal law and he needed me to go back into the screening area and finish the screening process,” said Tyner, who refused. “[Then] the guy threatened me with a federal lawsuit and $10,000 fine and I finally told him I would see him in court and I left the airport.” (source)

So let me get this straight. You either have to be subjected to increased doses of radiation, a virtual strip search, or being fondled in order to board a plane? However, if you refuse any of those things, you still have to be subjected to it, whether you board the plane or not?

I have news for you, people. “The Terrorists” won. We lost. Game over.

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