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Bond… Julian Bond…

Faithful Readers:

It is Wednesday Night here on the left coast and time to check in with the patrons of this fine blog. Although some might say it is too late to apologize for not checking in last week, our fearless leader held down the fort rather nicely.  Most probably know the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest nights for DUI’s and since most people don’t have an attorney on speed dial they get to talk to my half-asleep ass at all hours of the morning. Lets move on to someone who’s life is a tiny bit more interesting right now than mine.

Julian Assange creator of the whistle blower website proceeds to piss of several countries this week by recently releasing highly sensitive documents. This James Bondesq international Hacker who is wanted for questioning in an alleged 3-some (which may or may not have been consensual) is currently in hiding. fell victim to cyber attacks earlier in the week then pulled the plug on the emergency web hosting of Mr. Assanage site succumbing to the pressure of Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate’s committee on homeland security. Intelligent people can disagree on whether Mr. Assange is a freedom fighter/terrorist/Whistle blower/Hero/Hacker/Etc. what most people can not argue with is currently how exciting his life has become because of the coveted information he releases.

What do the Faithful Readers of the Legal Satyricon think about Mr. Assange? Do you disagree with his tactics? Is he a whistle blower or a muck raker? Is Amazon’s removal of Mr. Assange content an afront to First Amendment Freedom of Speech? What about the governments pressure to limit what could be construed as political speech? What have I forgot? Discuss…



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