First Amendment Law

Doubting of Thomas

The Atlantic provides a good study into Clarence Thomas’ dubious claim that he is merely a faithful “originalist.” (source)

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Dog Shooter SLAPP Suit Shot Down

By Marc J. Randazza It’s an all-too-common scenario: A blogger criticizes someone online, and then gets sued for his statements.   But two things make this case unique: First, the

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Rep. Steve Cohen on SLAPPs

Representative Steve Cohen, the Legal Satyricon’s favorite Congressman (source), provides an editorial in Roll Call on SLAPP litigation and the Dan Snyder case (prev. blogged on here).

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Righthaven suffers new setback

I am not going to comment extensively upon this, since Myself and Jay DeVoy of Randazza Legal Group are counsel for the defendant. However, I will share that Righthaven filed

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