First Amendment Law

On Corporations and Free Speech

By J. DeVoy Earlier this month, when I danced on Russ Feingold’s political grave, Randazza and several others critiqued the desirability of unbridled free speech for corporations.  This is a

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Lamebook, We Support You!

by Jason Fischer I know this story is already a couple of days old, but we think it’s still worth reporting on.  For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on,

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Bob Guccione belated RIP

by Charles Platt I’m slightly stunned to learn that Bob Guccione died ten days ago. Why would I care? Because he was an idiot-savant of the sexual revolution who also

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Kudos to the Poway School District

Students at the Twin Peaks Middle School in Poway, Calif. were reminded by their principal that they were not required to participate in the pledge of allegiance. (source). Initially, the

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Craig's List yields to pressure?

by Platt & Randazza The “Adult Services” listing on Craiglist was removed late Friday on its U.S.-based sites and replaced with the word “censored.” Story here. Interestingly enough, if you

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