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A Palin you can trust
A Palin you can trust
John Edwards was an elitist and out of touch with the American people for getting $400 haircuts.

Caribou-Moron Barbie spent $22,800 on two weeks worth of makeup, $150,000 on clothes that she claims she’s going to give to charity (yeah, Goodwill would love that Prada stuff), $17,000 in per diem charges for sleeping in her own house, $21,012 in state funds to fly her kids around, and $50,000 to redecorate the Wasilla mayor’s office — which is in a strip mall.

Now, I’m not calling her an “elitist,” but she’s revealed herself for what she truly is — not a pit bull with lipstick, but rather George W. Bush with lipstick — $22,800 worth.

After eight years of Dick Cheney, we have learned (I hope) that the Vice President matters. That is especially the case when you have a President who has a 1 in 6 chance of dying in the next four years — the same odds as you losing your luggage on a domestic flight. Couple that with the fact that she’s the greatest fear-monger since Cheney, but probably couldn’t beat a chimp in an IQ-off, we have the recipe for complete disaster. Corrupt, stupid, and power-hungry… do we really need more of that? Didn’t we try that for the past eight years?

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