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Funny Case

Yeah… ummm…. hmmm…..

Word to the wise, if you are going to urinate in your neighbor’s yard, understand that you might get arrested. If you get arrested, there might be photos. Dress for

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It’s Raining (Very Fat) Men!

Ok, I admit it, I stole the headline from Deadspin. So, consider it a tribute to that blog’s headline writing genius. In addition to Deadspin, MSNBC reports: NEW YORK –

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Do I Look Fat in This?

Ugh, “do I look fat in this?” Those are words that no man wants to hear. I always answer “yes, you look awful, go cover yourself with a burkha.” Not

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The “Prinz”

As a follow up to my posting on “Prinz” von Anhalt. I was forwarded this email from a source that will remain confidential. From: EMAIL ADDRESS REDACTED Sent: Monday, July

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