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Funny Case

All Your America Are Belong to Us!

By: Zac Papantoniou – Weird Legal News Satyriconista Apparently, The Moorish American Science Temple (MAST), is pretty pissed off at… well, pretty much everyone in Illinois, but especially at Washington

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Poop Happens!

I am so relieved that this did not happen in Florida… A Mahopac, N.Y., resident, took her 1 year old son to the aquarium in Norwalk, CT. He got out

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The Urinal Code

Louisiana legislators have approved a resolution calling for an amendment to the state plumbing code to require “privacy dividers” to be installed at urinals men’s public bathrooms. The resolution was

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Anything that moves… or doesn't

Above the Law reports: In a 5-0 ruling, the [South Dakota Supreme Court] overturned the conviction of Michael James Plenty Horse for indecent exposure because he didn’t attempt to arouse

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Greatest Excuse Ever!

“Family Values” politician Bob Allen walks into a public bathroom and walks into a stall with a stranger. Allen then offers to give the other guy a blow job, if

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