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Righthaven — with BABIES!

By J. DeVoy No cute pictures of infants here — just a bizarre story from San Diego Attorney Theresa Erickson pled guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud for her role

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Goddamned Illegal 'mmgrnts

Last week, in Phoenix (home to Sheriff Joe Arapaio), my taxi driver seemed to think that he would gain points with me by bitching about “all the damn illegal Mexicans

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And the inevitable happens…

Some dipshit insists upon passing “Caylee’s Law.” AUSTIN, Texas — Texas state Sen. Chris Harris says he will introduce a new law to make it a felony for a parent

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Doubting of Thomas

The Atlantic provides a good study into Clarence Thomas’ dubious claim that he is merely a faithful “originalist.” (source)

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The Magic Underwear State vs. Sexytime

Utah, apparently a hotbed of prostitution, appears to have had some trouble enforcing its anti-solictitation laws. Under Utah law, “solicitation” is defined as follows: 76-10-1313. Sexual solicitation (1) A person

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