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Marc Randazza’s Avvo Rating

When faced with being a defendant in a SLAPP suit, there is no better attorney than Marc Randazza. He is smart, witty, and down-to-earth. For someone like me who has

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Randazza gets PWNED by Troll Some people in our audience do not know the finer points of trolling… Wow… there I was, all proud of the article I just wrote about journalism licensing. And

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MLK’s First Amendment Legacy

If I were to write about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s contribution to civil rights, I think I would be wasting my time. Far more qualified views are out there, especially

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Netflix, Voi Siete Stronzi

Netflix announced that it is going to take action to prevent people from logging in through proxy servers. “In coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able

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The Establishment Claus

by Jay Marshall Wolman Five years ago, Josh Blackman asked whether the NORAD tracking of St. Nick violated the Establishment Clause.  After all, he is sort of a religious icon.  I

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Lawyer Mind Tricks

by Jay Marshall Wolman, CIPP/US Like many of you, I saw Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  I’m a lawyer and had law-oriented thoughts.  This post contains spoilers, so

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Gag Clause Act Passes Senate

The U.S. Senate recently passed their version of the “Consumer Review Freedom Act” (CRFA), which would bar companies from trying to enforce “gag clauses” in contracts with consumers. It’s a

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Spics Not Welcome

by Jay Marshall Wolman By now, you have probably heard that Simon Tam won his case before the Federal Circuit regarding his attempt to register a trademark for his band

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Bernie Sanders v. DNC

Bernie Sanders sues the Democratic National Committee and the complaint is here. The legal issues are less exciting than Bernie’s hair style. What is more exciting is that Bernie Sanders

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