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Nerd Alert!

On this day in 1939, The Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. Source. True, Batman would get his shit wrecked if he tangled with Wolverine, but that

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Kids today.

Move over Florida!  Looks like Arizonans are overtaking you in the WTF department. Not content with traditional methods of imbibing alcohol, Arizona teens are soaking tampons in Vodka and shoving them

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This is what a hero looks like

Well, I don’t have pictures of them, but the story shows you all you need to know. Benghazi, Libya erupted into protests against the autocratic regime of Moammar Gadaffi. In

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DUI laws and the Constitution

by Charles Platt Florida has joined the growing list of states that are raising revenue by stopping drivers at random (not with probable cause) and forcing everyone to be breathalyzed–on

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Leave Miley Alone

So Miley Cyrus got caught smoking out of a bong. BFD. She’s 18. That is what 18 year olds do. Cyrus claims that the bong was loaded with salvia, not

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