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You Have Got to be Kidding

Hunter Moore:  Amateur Craig Brittain:  Lightweight Looks like posting compromising photos of unsuspecting victims is not enough.  Someone, who obviously once sat on a copy of the nutshell on copyright

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Flori-duh State Senator, Mike Bennett (R) was (gasp!) “caught watching porn” during a senate session. (source) And the pile on begins… the story even made today’s news in Sweden. While

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Same old story

Sleazy company hires scumbag attorney to file SLAPP suit. Moron judge gives an unconstitutional injunction. Okay, not the entire same old story… because Public Citizen jumped in and did a

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Asshat or Imbecile?

Lets say you make $94,000 a year in a great job as a clerk at the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. Lets then say that some kid emails you asking you

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